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Empowering Merchants To Further Build Brand Loyalty

Providing a 'one-touch' checkout experience for users is highly critical, but so is the concept of trust. Currently, there is no great way for developers to build and test with a high degree of confidence and control. As teams grow and applications become more complex, context becomes lost.

Insta offers a highly flexible platform that puts all of your code health metrics in one place, and the way in which we manipulate that single input (Commit to the Repo), brings to life an entirely new paradigm on how developers can build, test, and collaborate with their peers, which includes providing deeper insights across the entire testing journey.

With Insta, merchants are able to 1) cut the average time from merge to deploy in half and increase developer throughput by up to 40% without sacrificing quality.

Bringing Digital Innovation to Start-Up Companies

Start-ups have to constantly focus on balancing and prioritizing tasks based on impact and value. There are many decent commoditized end-point solutions in the market, but they all require custom integrations, many require ongoing maintenance, and this is time consuming and very costly.

Insta is strong enough to be your primary CI/CD tool, and has strategically focused on building native and rich features that work out-of-the-box for teams, and organizations can get started with only ‘one click’. This extremely easy way to get started empowers developers to have visibility into every stage of the testing journey, eliminating the need to go out and thread 3rd party solutions and maintain those integrations.

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